The Cars of the Great American Century

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What is this site about? Publisher's Note

I was a kid in the 1950's, and I had the wonderful experience of growing up in a country that no one doubted was the greatest country in the history of the world. We knew we had the best of everything. I could feel it everywhere. The world was turning modern and we were leading the way. The self confidence, the hubris, the power, the futuristic styling …. it was all reflected in the chromium grill of a shining turquoise Chevy.

I love these cars because I love the America I grew up in, and they remind me of that wonderful confident feeling a kid can have.

One of the things I find really comforting when I go to a car show is apparently, I'm not the only one who feels this way. I am not sure if other guys would describe the feeling the way I do, but I think they would agree with me.

Think about America in the 20th Century. The Wright Brothers accomplished what mankind had dreamed of for millennia. Henry Ford figured out how to build cars in an assembly line, and in my view, he was perhaps the greatest industrialist of all time because he also figured out that the way to prosper was to pay your factory workers well enough that they can buy the products you produce. And America then discovered the freedom of the open road. Only in this country could an average guy sit behind the wheel of his car and journey from the farmland to the mountains to the desert to the ocean or wherever he wanted to go.

Phil Dickinson

Private Collections
A sweet collection of classics in West Virginia kicks off this new section.
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In this section see cars we found at car shows. For each car we offer a description and a collection of large detailed photos.
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When we started out with this web site, the plan was to show good photos of a lot of great cars, but it quickly became apparent that there are so many interesting stories about Americans who collect classic cars, build and restore them, and the myriad ways in which cars are displayed, shown off, traded and loved, that we could see we need to have a section we call Features.
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Coming Soon - In addition to more great cars, we will be featuring some very interesting stories so please check back with us.
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Barn Finds
Every now and then you come across a great American car or truck that has been put out to pasture. And you wonder whether some ambitious soul will come along with a trailer to haul it off for restoration as a show car. Perhaps instead, the poor old vehicle will simply be allowed to stay put and enjoy its well earned retirement.
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January in Arizona
While car fans in New England and the upper Midwest are hunkering down for the winter, the folks in Arizona are turning out for wonderful events like the Rockabilly Bash at the 5 and Diner in Phoenix that can go on well into the evening hours.
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The Shops that Restore
Joe Harrison has been working on cars since he was a teenager, and at a time when many men would be thinking about retirement, Joe is not about to stop doing what he loves the most.
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Mud Racing
It has become a major sport in many parts of the country. A combination of the capability of a great American truck and adrenaline charged machismo make these events, not only a barrel of fun, but an engaging event for spectators of all ages.
How we want to show the cars

This web site is very young … still in the development stages where we are figuring out what kind of format we will be using. At this point there are not a lot of cars featured, but that will change, and you will see an ever growing collection.
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Multiple Views
You may be pleased to see that the cars in the lower section at left are each covered with a number of large and detailed photos.. Our objective is to offer the highest quality photography so that you can really get a good look at them.
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