Fort Lauderdale Antique Car Museum • The 1909 Packard "Model 18" Gentleman's Runabout Speedster

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When my grandmother was a young girl, it wasn't called a "car;" it was called a Horseless Carriage. The photos below speak for themselves. With solid rubber tires on wooden-spoked wheels, the earliest automobiles were variations of inventing ways to put a motor on a carriage.
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Photography by Stephen Sessa
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In 1909 this runabout commanded a price of $3,200, which in those days was a princely sum. The seats were leather of course; the trim was brass; and the car was built by craftsmen. Acetylene lighting powered the headlamps and taillight. The side lanterns burned kerosene.
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We talk about the trunk of the car without ever stopping to think about where the term came from.